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Perfect Time To Trek Mount Kilimanjaro

At 5,895 meters, snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania(East Africa) is the highest peak in Africa and the world’s tallest free-standing mountain. It’s also the world’s tallest walkable mountain—and what a walk it is. To reach the summit, one must pass through five distinct climate zones ranging from rain forest to alpine desert and eventually glacial […]

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Mt. Ololokwe, Samburu

Mt. Ololokwe is officially my best hike yet; for two reasons-The views at the summit (sunrise) were magical to say the least and the hike started at 3:30am which was an exciting first for me. I hiked with Africa Outdoors who I’d done Kereita with before.Photo by Chache who I met on the trip. (drone)The mountain is located on […]


Romance on a Mountain or River

Romance on a Mountain or River The girlfriend was physically fit but unfortunately the man struggled so much that he almost gave up during the four-day trek up to Mt Kilimanjaro’s snow-capped summit. Love may have been in the air but the air was thin. Mr Mutai kept encouraging him until he got to the […]


KEREITA FOREST-Hike and the most thrilling zip-line

I got to hike a section of Kereita forest last weekend with Africa Outdoors. The package had been so well prepared, and with the mention of a waterfall and zip-lining, I was obviously sold.  While I have been to Aberdares forest a couple of times, starting from my bird watching days with Nature Kenya, I have […]

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