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We’ll Show You Africa, Better Than Anyone Else! 

Africa Outdoors is a leading safari tours specialists providing unforgettable hiking vacations as well as luxury tour packages for East Africa.

We are wild about wildlife, excited about the natural world, and extremely proud to call Kenya, Tanzania and the rest of East Africa our home. Your trip of a lifetime deserves the very best planning.

Authentic Custom Safari Tours Just for you

As a local safari company with offices in Nairobi, Kenya, our in-depth knowledge of the wild helps you get closer to the action.

Traveling with local experts gives you an insider perspective on the famous destinations and seeks out Kenya’s secret gems.


Group Tours Packages

Beginner’s Outdoor Training Program 2022

Beginner’s Training Program 2022. If you’re a beginner or haven’t been out hiking for a while, celebrate the good weather with...

Chyulu Hills Excursion

Verdant rolling hills of endless green, great blue skies and spectacular landscape views are what the Chyulu Hills provide to nature lovers. Plenty of...

Dragon’s Teeth & Mount Satima(2 Days)

Ol Donyo Le  Satima popularly known as Mt. Satima is the 3rd largest mountain in Kenya standing at approximately 4001m ASL is the immediate neighbor...

Elephant Hill Aberdares Day Hike

The Elephant Hill on the southern end of the Aberdares Ranges, about 90km north of Nairobi, is an...

Hell’s Gate Rock Climbing

If you are looking for a fun day out of Nairobi,...

Karuru falls,Chania,Mt satima & Draggon’s teeth Trek

Aberdare National park is on the southern end of the Aberdares Ranges, about 90km north of Nairobi...

Explore,Experience & Enjoy

Whatever your travel needs & wishes are, our Africa Safari Experts will tailor-make your dream vacation.
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